Private Investigator

Infidelity Surveillance

Want to find out if your spouse or partner is cheating? Hire a private investigator.
According to research, more than 25% of adults in New Zealand have cheated on their partners, and approximately 15% have had a long-term affair.

Stop guessing – We are here to help you get answers.


    We use modern technology

    Infidelity in a partner is a troublesome matter to confront on your own, but with the help of our investigators, you may gather the facts with confidence and begin the healing process.

    • Our staff uses innovative technology.
    • We use a proven process to bring any unfaithful conduct to your attention swiftly and efficiently.

    We follow the law

    Our private investigators are government-licensed to gather information and perform surveillance and trained in NZ legislation.

    • We can assist you in avoiding the risks associated with judicial proceedings.
    • We can provide evidence and give testimony, as well as relevant documentation.
    • We can assist with paternity determination and other childcare-related difficulties.

    Many people have amassed crucial information about a spouse on their own but could not put it to use because of the manner in which they collected data.

    Not only does hiring a private investigator lessen the likelihood of evidence being thrown out during court proceedings, but in most cases, private investigators can also testify in your favour.

    No emotional attachments

    • If you’re intending to catch your spouse cheating, there’s a good chance you’re merely guessing and letting emotions get the best of you.
    • If you only believe what you want to believe, there’s a chance your speculation will be incorrect.
    • As a private investigation professionals, you can rest assured there will be no emotional attachments in our case inquiries.
    • Our priority is to ensure that the data acquired is accurate and kept confidential.
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    Leave it to the professionals

    Using a private investigator will spare you the embarrassment of seeing your partner’s cheating behavior. Imagine you’re following your spouse, and you catch him/her with a man or woman – how will you react?

    You can avoid this tension by using the private investigator’s photos and recordings. Certified private investigators have a strong reputation in the field, and they can easily hand over the records of their findings to your lawyer.

    As a result, the private investigator will make the divorce process easier and save you the embarrassment and anger of catching them in the act.

    Expertise and experience

    • Our expertise and experience, as well as absence of emotional involvement, allows for efficient information gathering.
    • Many people who attempt to catch their cheating spouse by themselves struggle to know what to look for or feel too agitated as the process develops.
    • Many people have told us that months of their life were squandered trying to figure out if their spouse is cheating – but could not do so because of poor investigation skills and lack of equipment.
    • People find it difficult to avoid addressing their spouse before learning the full nature of their betrayal.

    We provide proof

    The stakes are always high when you’re in a marriage with trust difficulties, so gathering the proof you need to establish their infidelity is critical.

    If not handled appropriately, the financial and emotional consequences of a divorce may be enormous.

    So if you want to navigate this sensitive situation with calm and clarity, hire a skilled private investigator who can uncover the facts and provide the evidence required.

    Quickly confirm suspicions

    When you suspect your spouse is cheating, you want to know for sure what’s going on as soon as possible. We understand the frustrating feeling of having that “gut feeling” but not knowing for sure.

    We can assist you in obtaining tangible proof so that you can understand the situation and determine your course of action based on the facts.

    We can help. Contact us privately today.