Three Signs You need a Private Investigator (PI or Private Eye) In Auckland to Investigate Accounting Fraud

Running a business of your own can be a dream come true, but getting past the first year is going to prove challenging. Most companies, unfortunately, fail within the first 12 months, but even those that find success can struggle to cope with growth. However, provided your business is on the up and up, you don't have anything to worry about – right? Unfortunately, some sneaky accountants decide to take advantage of a new business that's coping with the stresses of growth by "cooking the books" so that they can pocket the cash that rightly belongs to you. So, how are you going to get to the truth if you suspect foul play? Call the police?

Let's face it; the police in Auckland might be good at their jobs and damn hard workers, but they're not going to take on your case just because you suspect somebody might be skimming a little cash from your profits. The police want some hard evidence or at least something that point towards proof that you are indeed a victim of theft, and if all the evidence you have is your gut feeling, they probably won’t even bother taking a statement. Fortunately, you don’t have to sit twiddling your thumbs when the police can't help because a private investigator in Auckland will take on your case.

At ISACORP, we understand that the success of your business depends on all your team members being loyal and honest, but we also know that you can't trust everybody. Some people will always be looking for ways to gain a head start in life without putting in the hours, and accountants, especially those at new and rapidly growing firms, are in the perfect position to round off a few numbers here and there to pocket the change they assume you won’t notice. Keep reading below to find out about the signs that suggest you may be a victim of accounting fraud.

Do You Need a PI in Auckland?

The best thing about working at ISACORP is the fact that everybody loves their job. However, the most significant advantage of our business for you is that all our employees have extensive experience in investigative work, and they know how to build a case that will stand up in court. If any of the following signs apply to you, you might benefit from hiring a private eye in Auckland.

  • Excessive voided credits or transactions: If you feel you're being cheated, it's best to review your books with a magnifying glass to spot any dodgy transactions. If you notice lots of voided sales, it could be a sign that your accountant is pocketing your cash.
  • Look at your cheque registry: If you find a suspicious number of gaps in your cheque numbers, it could be because your accountant is keeping the cheques for themselves. Call a PI for help.
  • Duplicate cheques: If you find records of duplicate cheques, you should hire a private eye to ensure it has nothing to do with employee fraud.

Hire a PI in Auckland Today

Some people feel too intimidated or "weirded out" to hire a private eye, but doing so could help you prevent or put a stop to accounting fraud and consequently keep your business safe from failing. Fortunately, when you need a private investigator (PI) in Auckland, we're only a phone call away.