Are you available outside your listed work hours?

Yes, I am able to work at any time on a case by case basis.

How do your fees actually work?

The cost varies from investigation to investigation depending on what is required.

ISACORP investigators operate on an hourly professional fee in addition to other fees such as travel mileage, GST, investigative expenses.

Clients will be provided an upfront estimate and ISACORP unlike other investigative agencies, won’t have any hidden extras.

ISACORP is also happy to offer discounted services to repeat customers and a very generous referral discount system. Contact us for more.

Do you price match with other organisations?

In most cases there will be scope for price matching depending on the service provided. However, this will be dependent on a case by case basis.

What type of licensing do you have to authorise you to complete your range of services?

ISACORP is a licensed company under the Ministry of Justice to undertake Private Investigative services. Investigative staff have their own independent certificate of approvals or licenses allowing them to work. The director – John BORLAND has a license to conduct: Security Consultancy, Private Investigations, Security Technician work and confidential document destruction.

Are you insured incase anything goes wrong?

Yes, the company is fully insured with product and liability insurance.

What makes ISACORP different to other investigative companies?

The director of ISACORP is bringing a unique and innovative change up to the investigative industry. The investigative world has adapted in the last decade with the advancements of technology and ISACORP will incorporate unique and unparalleled ways of completing investigations to produce the best results for its clients.

What made you start this company?

Simple, I wanted to create an investigative company that produces real results and gives clients transparency with the process. In addition my goal is to ascertain the causation for any issues to prevent them from occurring again.

Where do we work in New Zealand?

We operate throughout the entire country.

Are we able to work in the Pacific and Australia?

Yes we can. ISACORP has the luxury of an affiliate partnership with loss adjustment and professional investigators in Australia that are ready and willing to help.

Will my requests for help be kept confidential?

ISACORP guarantees your information will remain strictly confidential. This is a pivotal component of ISACORP.

Can I phone to get advice?

100%, ISACORP is more than happy to offer professional and industry leading advice to help its clients.